Monday 3 December 2007

Little visitor

This little guy was playing with the keys at the back door of our studio.
There are thousands and thousands of feral cats in our small town. In summer, they find plenty of food in the waste of all the hotels and restaurants. In winter, when the tourists have mercifully left and the town is deserted, well, than is survival of the fittest.
It is a blessing in disguise that we are both extremely allergic to cats, otherwise we would probably end up with fifteen cats as well.


  1. He's cute! My son would take him home, but I love dogs better ;-)

  2. Cute indeed, hopefully he survives... I love cats too much but try to keep my head calm, and not to take all cats to my home.

  3. I love cats! I have only one and that will do for now... If I would see those, my heart would probably break... and wil end up with many cats...

  4. I know what you mean ArtMind. They should start a sterilization campaign everywhere :(