Wednesday 23 January 2008

Thank you, girls…

For all the good vibes you send in our direction. They sure helped, I am back pottering around in record time!

And for the ones of you who were wondering about how Turkish hospitals are, I will tell you a bit about them. Of course there are hospitals and hospitals. The ones belonging to the government ,or worse, the ones belonging to the public health insurance, you will want to skip all together. The private hospitals are excellent, though. So much so, that health insurers in for instance the United Kingdom, are sending patients to Turkey to have surgery where for are long waiting lists in Europe.

So, my Dutch insurance company agreed with my local private hospital and that was great.
Things are done here differently, though, or Turkey wouldn’t be Turkey.

During the visits to the doctor, no notes at all are made, just the labs results are in the computer. No appointment book is used, either.

Gynecologist : Let me think, when do I have the time to operate you? This week I am out of town, and I know that I have C-sections on the 15th and 18th, so lets do it the 16th…
Midwife-nurse: You sure? The 18th is Mrs. A’s, but whose is on the 15th?
Gynecologist: I don’t remember either, but I am positive that I have a C-section then. We’ll see when she arrives…Esther, I see you on the 16th!

And so I was there on the 16th, because, despite these erratic system, I know that Turkish physicians are often brilliant and committed. And they kind of expected me on that day, the doctor was there, and the anesthetist, and after a couple of hours even a room was available. And by that mingle of serendipity and improvisation that makes Turks so endearing, they also remembered what organs to remove and had me in and out of the hospital with hardly any discomfort at all!

Star mum ogling the web the day after her mayor surgery, he,he…


  1. That sounds indeed like an adventure :-) I'm glad, that the surgery went well and you're back at home again. I'm also impressed, how Star has managed everything at that time - hospital visit, creating, taking photos, listing,..!! Wishing you fast recovery, Star mum! And Star,.. hope you've found time to sleep now :-)

  2. I'm very happy to know you are up and running (well, maybe not running :). And it is always so fun to read your Turkey stories :)

  3. It seems that I'm a bit out of the loop with what's been happening lately. Surgery?? Eek! In any case I'm glad you're feeling better now. :) Sounds like it was quite an interesting experience, too. ;)

  4. I wish you well and must say your daughter is a gem taking such good care of everything! :)

  5. Happy to hear you are feeling so much better! Enjoyable story... and your sense of humor makes me smile every time :) Take care, sending lot of good vibes to you!

  6. oh dear....glad to hear the surgery went well though.

  7. It must have been all so hard, this experience, mumstar! Beterschap en sterkte!

    Stardaughter, dank je voor je warme welkomstwoorden hier op de blogs. Ik wist niet dat je nederlands kon spreken. Wat leuk. Thanks again!!