Friday 22 February 2008


A few weeks ago we where invited to the wedding of a very good friend. Mum couldn’t come because of the surgery she recently had (if you are curious look a few posts back). But I was really happy to hit the roads for new adventures!
Kütahya is a very strange city, full with beautiful historical buildings but also full of strange people. We bought a very old house there years ago with the dream to renovate it but never had the chance to realize it (financially). We still own that house and it was full of dust and other unpleasant things. I had to clean it for two days but it was good to check things out.
The road was good and the journey great, I arrived very fast (within 5 hours) without any problems.

I was staying at some friends whom I hadn’t seen for 6, 7 years and it was very nice to see them again. I went Wednesday the 13th and Thursday morning it started to snow a little, quite normal for middle Turkey. The plan was to have fun and go to the wedding at Saturday and then drive back on Sunday. But the snow… well it suddenly wasn’t slow anymore…

With all the snow excitement I mostly forgot to take pictures because it was windy and wet and freezing cold. The snow kept on falling and when it was finally the wedding day it was impossible to go by car…Luckily the wedding was close by and it was great. I really enjoyed it although I am usually not really a fan of weddings.

A friend would come, who has a big car to put some stuff in that stayed in the house. Thanks Heaven he was there other wise I still would be there. When he came Sunday morning he said there was only a little snow, so we packed our stuff quickly and started our journey at 1 p.m.
We thought that after Afyon it would be okay. Usually it takes less then an hour to arrive there but it took 2.5 hours. We ate a little and went on. But the snow just would not stop. Snow and more snow. Just when we thought it would end it even got worse… the wind blew up the snow and everything was white, snow white…

I took some pictures at the beginning where I still could drive with 1 hand, but afterwards I could hardly see anything and a lot of cars where smashed or hidden under a thick blanket of snow. So the pictures are only the beginning… the journey took 14 hours (instead of 5) and we where like zombies when we arrived.

The snow never ended until Muğla which is only 1 hour away from home. It hasn’t snowed all winter and everyone thought I brought abundance to Kütahya because snow means water. But I have to say abundance can be pretty dangerous :D


  1. That sounds like quite an adventure! Reminds me of the time when driving in the US it rained so hard and long we had to stop in the middle of the freeway. Nearly floated away! Glad you made it back home in one piece and had fun at the wedding.

  2. Waahh! What a trip!
    I'm ready for spring. NOW! ;)

  3. Wow, that's a LOT of snow! Unlike here, no snow as far as the eye can see... Feel free to send some over. ;)

    We did have plenty of snow the day hubby and I got married. :) There's something special about winter weddings, I think.

  4. Woww! That's amazing and terrible at the same time. Amazing to see so much snow in Turkey and terrible to imagine a 14 hours trip!! I didn't know, that Turkey also get snow. Is it because of the global warming? Wish we have a bit of those.. in December ;)

  5. So much snow! I wish we had it here in stead :) I didn't know ether what it snows in Turkey (except for the mountains of course). Glad you made it back in one piece :)

  6. yeeh, it looks like normal northern day... but in Turkey it is quite a event... happy you reach to home in one piece :)

  7. 14 hours!!! What a nightmare!

    Glad you made it home safe...

  8. Wow - that sounded like a massive snow storm. Glad to hear you made it back safely, even if it took you twice the time.