Sunday 10 February 2008

The basics

I am a blogland lurker. So, that must be said. I am one of those silent lurkers that ogle and read and never say a word.
I never know what to say, or I don’t feel comfortable saying it, or don’t think that anybody else would be interested in reading my comments.
But I read several blogs on a regular basis and I love blog marathons. What are those? Well, when I discover a blog that appeals to me, I go to the very beginning, let say when the woman in question started blogging, lets say two years ago…and read then from the start till now in a couple of days.
Whoa, that gives a voyeuristic kick of sorts. Well, now I am too harsh on my self. It is kind of fascinating that immersing yourself in somebody else’s life’s.

What is my type of blog? Not the commercial one, of course. I understand that some people make a living out of their blog. Very clever, but very boring, all those adds. Worse are the blogs with adds in disguise, you know, with a side bar with their ‘favorite links’, that happen to be advertisements. Also boring are blogs that offer only a preview of the items in their shop.

No, the blogs I love are the ‘daily life – real people’ kind. All those women out there, raising their kids, cooking their food, knitting their socks, gardening, sewing, painting, nursing, caring , working ,worrying, loving…
It is overwhelming, so much energy, so many skills…
More often than not, they make me feel inadequate, unskilled. And that is because I only master a few of what I consider the basic skills.
You know, the women out there, in blogland, they do it all: gardening, baking, sewing, photographing the results and post them for us, the lurkers, to enjoy. Thank you so much, ladies, you are awesome.

That brings me back to what I consider to be the basis skills, those that every body should learn, not talking about abilities that you are born with…or not.
These are for me the basics:

1 – Read and write.
Seems obvious, but is not. In this country, millions of people cannot. Parents wanting to keep their kids submissive, don’t send them to school (specially girls). Governments wanting their citizens manageable, don’t build schools in remote areas where certain ethnic groups are prone to be unruly.

2 – Master your mother language.
In word and in writing. Thoroughly. Correct spelling, correct syntaxes, you’ll come so
much farther in life if you master those. The power of words.

3 – Learn decent English.
If you like it or not, being fluent in English, opens doors to other worlds, to all the world, as a matter of fact.

4 – Learn how to drive.
That may seem strange in a basis skills list, but driving gives you independence, and that is what all this is about. If I had to choose between a high school diploma and a driving license, I’d choose the last.


4 –Learn how to cook.
Here begin my problems. If I try to fry an egg, big chance that the yolk will end on the countertop and the shell in the frying pan. Feeding my family is torture for me. These has also consequences in my social life, of course. Inviting people to dinner is out of the question.
I love perusing recipes, though, and blogs with a fair amount of cooking. Weird, yes.


5 – Get computer skills.
All those blogging mothers out there have…
No, not I. I use the computer like a type writer and to roam the internet, of course, but
Estella has to post my ramblings…yes, I am deeply ashamed…I told you, inadequate…

So, now back to Etsy to try and find some art to illustrate all these and make it a bit more palatable…


  1. So great to read of a fellow lurker. I love to lurk, but I break my silence now and again. Like now, to salute a fellow lurker. Lurk away!

  2. Haha, blog-lurker, it nearly sounds like a day-job, Star!
    Reading back two years - wow - I'm impressed! I love blogging but I think I belong to those that rather read a good thriller...
    I enjoy reading blog-posts from my friends very much though - I would never have known you're a lurker otherwise - haha! :)

  3. Haha.. I was a lurker too, before I've started to blog myself, as I wanted to know, how they have started. But now I don't have time for that anymore. Oh, and I have to admit, that cooking and housekeeping are my big problem! I'll blame my childhood for that - I never learned it, since we had house maids :P

  4. Oh yes, I do a fair deal of lurking myself. ;)

    Hmm, I suppose I need to get a driving license at some point. There's currently no need, as most places are within walking distance here, but some day. I'm happy to leave the cooking to others though, I must admit. ;)

  5. Yep I can relate too ...
    Some months again I visited all sort of blogs on a regular basis. And they where not even very interesting. Just ... the usual life of people. And no, I never commented on any of them :)

  6. I just stumbled on your blog the other day and I have to admit it's been so interesting to read about Turkish culture and your life there.

    I tend to forget that the things we feel entitled to here in the USA are not givens for people in other countries. One of the many reason my mom moved to the states when I was young. :)

    BTW - Cooking is a big thing for girls in Latin cultures. My mom broke the mold for me allowing me to focus on school and studies instead of being a domestic goddess. So I am just now learning to love cooking for the art it is and not the duty it symbolizes as the female in the family. Maybe you should approach it in that way. :)

  7. THIS was a wonderful post (you lurker, you) Your basic skills apt.

    You have the vision, and the knowledge to create extraordinary pieces of jewelry.

    I cannot say the same. Happily, I can drive!

  8. I'm so glad to have stumbled upon your blog. It was very interesting to get a closer look at your lives and work. Your sea urchin collection is just amazing, and I'm so excited that you have found your niche on Etsy - looks like sales have picked up and I am confident you will continue to see a constant traffic in the future. Keep up the great work!