Monday 24 March 2008


Why people always have the urge to collect has always been a mystery to me, but why some people do NOT collect things at all is even a bigger mystery!
If you ever have seen the film Cast Away with Tom Hanks, you might remember that althought he was hungry and wounded, he soon started to collect ‘stuff’. Not only for making a boat to escape from the Island but also pretty things. You really should watch that movie, if you haven’t , one of the best I’ve seen.
We are huge collectors, some collections are huge and others are just in a beginning stage and will grow slowly until it piles out!
For example our sewing machine collection.

Look at these sweet, pretty toy sewing machines!

This green one was a toy of my mum, in Spain, when she was a little girl, it's from the early sixties.

This brown one I bought last year in Istanbul at a Fleamarket for Mum's day, I was so happy with this finding and luckely mum too :) (1960's)

This one is my favorite, I know it as long as I live, it was bought before my existence at a Fleamarket in Amsterdam. I always have admired it as a little girl and still love it. (1920's)

The Singer in a beautiful wooden box. I so much love the details of old machines, why can't they make them like this anymore? (1920's)

And look at the inside! Isn't it gorgeous?

You use it by winding the weel with your right hand, we actually have used this machine, and it sews terrific!

And the last one. This one is mine! We bought it in K├╝tahya for 20$! And with a new wooden table and some small reparations (worth of 30$) this machine sews better then many new ones. (1950's)

It works with a footpedal, you just keep on winding it with your foot, like riding a bike.


  1. Oh I love sewing machines too. I would love to own one of those old leather sewing machines the cobblers used in the olden days. The things that could be made with that...

  2. If I only knew how to sew? They look great...

  3. I love the look of the machines. And yes, i don't understand either why people wouldn't collect things!!!

  4. I love old sewing machines and I love the fact that in the past things had to be not only functional but also beautiful. My mother in law had a Singer with wooden box, only stood on beautiful cast iron legs. I have myself my grandmother's Singer which looks like yours -black with gold decoration- only it doesn't hide in a box but it folds under the suface and becomes completely flat on the top. I use it as a vanity in my bedroom. I'll make pictures to show you.

  5. I have a friend who also collects toy sewing machines. They're very sweet.

  6. Beautiful machines! I have also in Finland one old Singer, my grandmoms old sewing machine and it is my treasury :)

  7. I love these machines, Star! I remember that the first sewing machine I ever used had a foot pedal.

  8. Gorgeous machines! I have such an old singer in the basement too. If only I would have more room ...

  9. I love old machines (not only sewing machines :)) and your collections look great! I'm always amazed by the mechanics and details of old machines.

  10. Oh wow! What a spread of collection! Definitely a feest to the eye of those sewing fans like me. :)