Thursday 17 April 2008



I bet you all know that wonderful English saying ‘a face like a wet weekend’, to indicate a person looking specially sad and miserable.


Living in a country where draughts are a serious problem, is no wonder that the association doesn’t work. Wet weekends are very welcome here.

But there are other Turkish ways to express when a face is looking other than ‘sunny’. A face like the Wednesday’s market, for instance. The Wednesday’s market being in old Istanbul the traditional pickles market, indicates an especially sourly face. Istanbul’s pickles, by the way, are famous works of art, not only delicious and in infinite varieties, but artistically arranged within the jars as small landscapes.
A somber and unfriendly face is ‘a face like the wall of the courtroom’, and expression that is enormously to the point.

In a totally different category are these polymer clay faces that we got today from Etsy seller graphixoutpost. They are tiny, like a thumbnail, and incredibly beautiful, full of mystery and touchingly delicate. A very special piece of jewelry will be created around them.


  1. Great new findings Estella... I love especially redheather's face... it gives me a sense of peacefullness!!!... I don't think she has ‘a face like a wet weekend’!... what a funny common saying!!!

  2. Faces are interesting. And all so different. Maybe that's why they are so interesting :)

    Your crackle faces look good, can't wait to see what you'll create with them!

  3. Faces are such a wonderful thing. Think what would happen if we would not have them! Ahhh....
    Well, yes. Better stop talking now :)

  4. Hey, that's should be an interesting result with the crackled faces! Can't wait to see it! :)