Friday 18 July 2008

Friday Findings: Alice in Wonderland

tartx-Recruiting A New Alice in Wonderland

serpentmandalas-The Mad Hatters Tea Party

ohmy1-Sentence First, Verdict Afterwards

babastudioPrague-Alice and the Shower of Cards - silk and satin drawstring.

MundoGominola-Alice in Wonderland -A Mad Tea Party

Seedsstudio-Alice in Wonderland Collage Bracelet

matchstickgirl-and she grew and she grew...

figtreejewelry-Alice in Wonderland Bottlecap Earrings

annejulie-The White Rabbit


  1. wonderful, stunning, adorable findings... always without any other words Star!!!

  2. wow, they are great! I love Baba-Prague's items. Alice is always a fantastic theme!

  3. Oh I love them all! Great picks!

  4. Great finds, Star! Alice in Wonderland was one of my fave film as I was a kid, even if I didn't really understand it (it was in English ;)). I love Mundo's illustration and the bracelet.

  5. What a great theme and great picks!!

  6. beautiful finds; sentence first, verdict afterwards is my favorite one!

  7. Wow...I am an Alice collector...I am drooling ... :)

  8. OMG, these images are *stunning*! Thank you! I've posted more Alice images on my blog, "Why is a Raven Like a Writing Desk?" Thanks again, I've never seen a few of these anywhere else!

  9. Ho I love all of these!! Funny I also used that theme for the Illustration Friday of last week...and was "pick of the week"... an universal theme!! Just lovely.