Friday 25 July 2008

Friday Findings: Cushions & Pillows

Every time when I'm looking for the Friday Findings, there are often hundreds of pages on the subject. This is really a great excuse to scroll through Etsy and find great things. But when I'm looking for the blog (and also treasuries) it is not only the item I'm looking at, actually more important then that are the pictures of the items. I have seen some gorgeous things but didn't include them as the maker didn't take enough time to show her/ his product perfectly. So this reminds me once and again that not only your items have to be great, but also your pictures, to attract people to feature your items and purchase them.

byMarianneS-Pillow talk / crocheted cushion cover

ElizaLeigh-Mod Too Pillow

Olive-50s Birdcage Pillow

feedthedog-country home

joom-Slate Hummingbird with Eucalyptus Rectangle Pillow

P8Accessories-Pillow Cover Fabula

GreenRoom-Doux Daisies Pillow Duvet

PacoandLupe-Marie Antoinette Pillow


  1. wow thanks for including my pillow ! If you knew how much photo's I took from this pillow; and I am still struggling with it...

  2. it seems the page of a great decor magazin!!!... great findings Star!!!

  3. Fab pillows...and you did find all the best photographs!

  4. great findings, and yes pictures are sooo important!

  5. They are all very cute! :)

  6. Wonderful finds :) I thank you for listing my birdcage pillow!

  7. a very big thankyou for including me in such a gorgeously eclectic range of pillows. the crochet one in particular is stunning.