Monday 21 July 2008

Trip to Fairyland...

On our sunday trips we like to discover new places. This time we got quite lost, due to the fact that someone had used the road sign as shooting target. We tried hard to decipher it, but the thing was beyond redemtion.

Fortunately, all roads lead to beautiful places, and the sea is everywhere.

On the way back, we stumbled upon a wonderful establishment, right out a fairy tale:

With all organic elements a magical atmosphere was created, only Snowwhite was missing...

The interior was gorgeous as well.

Gourds as flower pots...

All kind of herbs, dryed and fresh.

Could that be the slipper of todays Cinderella?

And then, the kitchen...

Four odd guys -real life forest gnomes- run the place. Never seen a horse in a kitchen before, but somehow it seemed appropiate.

The bread oven.

The path to the loo's.

The food was, of course, delicious.

Even the kittens were wizzened.

An other seat.

The menu.

The chandeliers were bulbs wrapped in palm tree bark.

It was a perfect evening, please come and join us next time.


  1. What a magical day! love the pictures!

  2. I´d love to come and join you next time. What a wonderful place to live!

  3. OMG, Star, that's pure magic. I so wish I was there with you :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow! I'm spechless! And that happens seldome ...
    Will go and look at the pictures again.

  5. Super pretty! It must have been a wonderful day out! Wish I lived near a place like that! :)

  6. Thanks for the photos, Star :) very lovely nature.

  7. wow so pretty ! that restaurant is fab !!

  8. WOW!!! That's about all I can say right now!!

  9. Lovely pictures,the food looks very tasty. I feel hungry.

  10. Those beach Star, reminds me of a far far away beautiful place that I left behind...

  11. Ohhh...I would love to live there so much... it seems a so magic place!

  12. lovely discovery, star! i covet the red seat. and i'm like ira :) except it's the restaurant that reminds me of certain places i know back home.

  13. oh, Star, You are a lucky girl, this is where you live,
    we have get an airplane to see en enjoy such things!
    Wish I was there, in Turkey!

  14. Oh, How I would love to go there!
    I love Turkish nature and landscape.

    Your pictures tell everytinng. I even like the cat-picture (very funny!), though I am not a cat-lover.

  15. WOW, this really looks like fairytale... magical trip! wonderful pictures... I really wish to be there, too :)

  16. Wow, what a wonderful place! Thanks for sharing the photos and letting us come along on the trip. :)

  17. what a beautiful place- and such creative ways to decorate! I am inspired! I think I need to visit your country!

  18. What a marvelous spot you've found! I would love to find a restaurant like that!

  19. How fantastic! I felt like I was with you - thank you for sharing this special place with us!

  20. How I wish I could be there right now!... But maybe one day, if you could tell how to find it :)

  21. How I wish I could be there right now!... But maybe one day, if you could tell how to find it :)