Tuesday 23 September 2008

The other country

This is not the sea shore. It is the shore of the lake of Köyceğiz, a big lake connected by a strait with the sea.

It is an hour drive from our home, and once in a while we go there to have dinner. The charm of the place is that it is totally devoid of tourists, just the locals around. It has a sleepy, relaxing feeling, added by the fact that instead of tables and chairs, sofas have been aligned to form what looks like living rooms, cozy and inviting to lounge by the sunset.

P.S. this is a small elaboration on the last post (Bundle of joy):

Although people who know us better can imagine the spirit in which it was written, we got an anonymous comment accusing us of cruelty, and I feel that I may have offended some.

No cruelty was intended, certainly not by the mother. Traditions are inspired by necessity. Do you know that the agriculture in Turkey is mostly very primitive, and that is mainly done by women? Young mothers bring their babies with them to the fields, tied to their backs in those cribs, what are than hung from a tree, while the mother works. For the mother, keeping her baby immobile is keeping hem safe. And do you know that thousands of villages in Turkey don’t have any form of running water, what has to be brought, again by women, in jerry cans, often from a great distance? As has to be done with wood to heat the water? Diapers are not to be taken for granted.

In this spirit, of taking in consideration the ‘other-ness’ of the country, and, yes, seeing the humor in it, was that post written.


  1. That sure looks like a heavenly dinner spot!

  2. waw, Star - i would love to have dinner there sometime!!

    (and i got the previous post - i know no cruelty was ment on your part - or on the mothers :)

  3. The lake looks so beautiful!Amazing sunrise!

  4. That looks such a placid spot. Wonderful :)

  5. Oh that looks so cosy and beautiful :)

  6. that looks like a beautiful place!

  7. That place is amazing, so beautiful and poetic.

    But I really wanted to comment on the baby's subject... The reason why some modern, educated moms are doing that to their babies is that many expects now defend that very small babies feel insecure and disturbed when they don't feel snuggled, since they were confined to a very small, protective space when in the womb. The freedom of movements we usually thing is good might not be seen as so by the baby, that feels abandoned and unprotected. Plus, small babies cannot control their movements very well, or not at all, and many of the gestures they make are uncontrolled. Experts now defend that the baby can get scared and nervous with his own spontaneous gestures. Wrapping them tightly might look cruel to us, and it would indeed be cruel if done to an older child, but babies seem to relax in this position. I’ve never seem a picture of a baby crying when wrapped like this, and I’ve seen babies calming down after being wrapped.

  8. This looks like a fantastic place to go have dinner!

  9. We live near a very large lake (Lake Michigan) and have many opportunities to dine at places that you have to drive an hour to get to.
    Thanks for reminding me how much I shouldn't take for granted the beauty of being so near the water.
    I found your post about the babies very fascinating, what do I know about babies...my "babies" are 34 and 35!
    Love your blog.......

  10. Don't worry Star! some issues at in the edge with people minds. The reactions proves that it was an interesting post.
    Certainly made some "noise" :)

  11. Another fabulous peek into your life Star, gorgeous place to dine and relax!