Thursday 15 January 2009

Istanbul Day 3

So, we forgot to take pictures yesterday of the supplier we went, today we needed to go back for one tiny thing, BIG mistake, very big mistake as we bought even more. To understand the temptation you have around here, here some pictures untill you get dizzy and bead-sick...

This is a huge shop of 3 floors full of beads and everything you can dream of...

Mum looks pretty smug between all these supplies...

The store is so full that even the staircases are full with yummy supplies...

If you ever come to Istanbul, the address of the huge shop is:
Marpuççular Cad. No: 4/6
Eminönü/ istanbul

So if you think that one shop is it all, you are wrong, there are a few buildings, full with only beadshops, nothing else....


and more supplies....

Feeling dizzy?

Even mum- the biggest supply lover you can imagine- run away eventually, it was just too much :)


  1. I guess you could spend a day in one shop, right?! I visited similar store in Tokyo and was so overwhelmed, felt dizzy as you just said!

    Wishing good time in Istanbul to both of you, hopefully you'll have time to relax as well:)


  2. yeah they are really crazy places! Usually I can't stay there long, just do quickly my shopping and go out, but I can imagine it is a jewelry makers heaven :)

  3. That's insane but fantastic! Bet you have great ideas to make even more gorgeous things! :)

  4. I love the turkish market and all the cool supply stores! Have a good time:-)

  5. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I want to be there too !

  6. Ahhh.... *goes and buys plane ticket*

  7. Star, I am feeling dizzy seeing all these supplies, tempting, time to book a flight to Istanbul!!!!

  8. I wanna be lost there and I wanna have billion dolar to buy every thing :)

  9. I dont know if you mentioned it - but what was the name of that store? So if I ever get there I can put it on my list to go to.

    xo- nicole

  10. Oh dear, I have a bit of a bead problem...maybe Istanbul would be too dangerous for me ! :)

  11. waw, i'm stunned and so, so, so tempted to go there even more now!!!!

  12. OMG....I shouldn't have come to your blog!!! Especially since I am gonna be in Istanbul in 12 days! You must tell me where this store is so i can make my sister take me!!!

    Take Care!


  13. I totally vote to have the EST meeting in Istanbul!! ^_^ Wow! I would also spend WAY to much money there! but wow!