Friday 20 February 2009

Little Sister, in the Kitchen

I'm always envious of people who actually love to cook, I can cook and actually quite good, but I don't love doing it, especially thinking about WHAT to cook is the hardest part, if you ask me. Mum hates it, and hate is actually pretty underestimated for her afair with the kitchen, you can understand it better if you read the blogpost, 'Mum decided to cook...'.
And if you wonder about our kitchen, you can see it here.
This week I peeked in 4 different kitchens, funny thing, all 4 are very happy with their kitchen, and are all so pretty and different...

Mitsy of ArtMind obviously has something with the color lime, you will understand me when you check her lovely shop and blog. Mitsy and her partner live in Belgium, she has a passion and art degree for ceramics (clay) and makes lovely felt jewelry and handmade cards (which you can find in her shop).
Their kitchen is very new - it took them ages to have it placed and now they regret it that they didn't do it sooner as it makes for a lot of comfort.
She describes her kitchen as:
'In the first picture you see the vidé - it's where my little workspace is - so it's connected to the kitchen. In the second picture you see the stairs (temporary) to my workspace. The kitchen is the beating heart of our home. We both love to sit there and even when I'm working in my workspace, it still feels like I'm in the kitchen. I love cooking & baking and having a comfortable kitchen to do so is super fun. The feature I love most? The dishwasher of course!'.
And she shares a yummy recipe of sand cookies here.


Zsuzsi aka panyizsuzsi is a Hungarian architect and a self-taught glass designer who makes beautiful, bold, glass pieces with colorful geometric designs. She is a wife and a mother of three, living in a little Hungarian artsy town called Szentendre.

Somehow you can see the style of her jewelry back in her kitchen, which shows her style. She loves to cook and loves her kitchen. Her favorite parts of the kitchen is the orange Nelson clock, which you can see at the first picture and the shelves, seen on the second picture.

Zsuzsi shares a delicious recipe of Rice Souffle.


Carita aka Jealousydesign lives in an old farm house in Sweden, build in the late 1800's. She and her boyfriend have been renovating it theirselves, of some places they have removed 8 layers of wallpaper to get the original wooden walls back. When they bought this lovely house it still had the kitchen from the 40's. Just think strong green colors and everything was sitting so low, they had to sit on their knees to reach the benches.
The kitchen is an unfinished project, in the future the fridge and dishwasher will be black and the walls grey, very handy that Carita runs her own company as an interior/exterior house painter she paints, repaper, and things like that. She says: 'It is not easy for a female to run a business in a man´s world but I love my job and I hope I will keep going.'

About her kitchen and home:
'I fell in love with this house at first sight. I have never felt home anyplace else in my life, just think the feeling when you stand in the kitchen and cooking dinner and look outside and the deers or the elks are just a few steps away and eating the grass on the land outside'.

Besides her company, Carita makes very unique sterling silver jewelry which she sells at her Etsy store.


Ale, owner of the Etsy shop Ixela, architect at day times, knitter, crocheter and jewelry maker at night time lives in Torino, Italy, in a little flat under the roof near the center of the city. They don't have a separate kitchen, but a cooking corner in a quite big living room which overlooks a tiny and lovely roof garden.

Ale says: 'One of the things that I love most of my kitchen are the icy chairs Bloody Mary ... a funny model made in Italy by Sturm und Plastic... a funky interior design company.'
And about her city: ' Torino is famous for the many chocolate manufactories, when we think of quality chocolate we often think of Swiss or Dutch versions however Italy has a strong tradition in the production of chocolate and Turin was the birthplace of the Italian chocolate production. The art of chocolate making is celebrated each year with CioccolaTO’, a two week event held in the month of March that is devoted entirely to chocolate. You can find more information about the chocolate history of Torino here.'

Ale is sharing a delicious Italian recipe of Chocolate Cake:


- 180 g. BUTTER
-70 g. FLOUR
-150 g. SUGAR (or even 200 g. if you love sugar so much)
-4 EGGS (yolks and egg whites)
-1 package of VANILLESUGAR

Break the 4 eggs (yolks and egg whites) into a bowl and mix them very well with sugar, then add the flour and the vanille and finally the butter with the dark chocolate which you had previously melted together, cooking them in a double saucepan.Pour the mixture into a cake tin (diameter max. 24-26 cm.) that you have previously covered with oven paper. Preheat the oven at about 200°C and bake for about 18 minutes.The cake core must remain a little bit creamy, then attention to the time cooking... it may change from one oven to another.If you love it you can also sprinkle some icing sugar on the cake when it will be cold.

Wish you much fun and bon appetit!!

Next peeks, next week!
Thank you Mitsy, Carita, Zsuzsi and Ale for sharing your photographs and little bits of your lifes!


  1. oooh, those kitchen looks so clean!!! Do they really cook in it :-) LOL
    thanks for the recipe, I am a chocolate addict!
    and I am curious what rooms we'll see next friday!

  2. Exactly the same feeling for me: these kitschens are so clean!
    (perhaps it's a Belgian problem to have less clean kitchens ;-))

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  10. Wow! Star! I love your discovery! Kitchen is one of my obsession! LOL! I love to cook en eat! We are still doing up our kitchen and I can't wait when everything is up. I'm happy that at least I can cook. My mum also dislikes cooking. I envy that all of them have such huge kitchen. My dream one day! : )

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