Tuesday 17 March 2009

A Day on the Beach Finds

I guess we are all longing for Spring, lovely weather and the beach these days... Untill we can go to the beach ourselves, I want to show you some beautiful beach findings from Etsy.
Beach findings are from:

Sea Urchin Necklace- from our shop
Wall topo in Aqua- by Crafterall
Two stones and a starfish- by Knitalatte
Only the sea- by enchantedpond

The Beach

The beach is where I want to go,
To listen to the ocean voices ebb and flow.
Lather on the sun block,
And come near the shore and take a walk.
The athletes playing beach volleyball,
And listen to the seagulls call.
The seagulls chasing after bread,
Beach-goers ducking and covering thier heads.
The ocean breeze going through my hair.
Children throwing sand everywhere.
Playing in the cerulean tide,
Watching the sun behind the horizon, so wide.
People on thier stomachs to get brown and tan,
Getting thier bronzer all over thier hands.
Getting a whiff of the salty spray,
The beach is the place to get away.

Amber Odom


  1. Oh!!! I can't wait for summer!
    Great post !

  2. Beautiful creations and great post!

  3. Oh summer! The beach! Sunshine! Can't wait!!

  4. Works inspired by the sea are my favorite! Wonderful picks and great post. Love the poem as well! :)

  5. love that poem! I so want summer NOW!

  6. Wow, beautiful post of the beach.

  7. Thanks for bringing a bit of beach and summer to us. You are lucky to be living in a country where the weather makes it possible to go swimming many months of the year.

  8. Lovely poem and gorgeous finds!!

  9. awwwwwwww

    yes yes yes ... i think i will go tomorrow !!!!!

  10. LOVE your finds and the poem!!

    summer! summer! summer! summer!

  11. yes star, looking forward to spring and summer badly!:)
    and lovely finds and poem star!

  12. Ohh, I love the beach! Wish I lived closer! :)

  13. So lovely... It makes me long for a warm day...

  14. The sea urchin necklace is so cool, is it a real sea urchin? I can't wait for summer either. Although I'm happy with a warm spring. But no more winter!