Friday 6 March 2009

Little Sister

As a huge bag lover (a collection of above the 100) I just needed to have a peek in others bags! It's not known as polite to peek in bags in normal life but when you ask someone they are willing to show their treasures.

Anna, who lives in Greece with her husband originally came from Australia. The talented artist behind AnnaRubyKing makes beautiful cards, ACEO's, Gocco prints and more yummy things . She also makes very unique sterling jewelry which you can find in her other shop, LilaRubyKing. She recently started a blog, a real treat for the eye.
Her story of her bag:
'I do love handbags. Fortunately common sense (and also trying to be green and also trying not to spend all my money) prevent me from falling into addiction. But it is a fine line I tread, I could slip up any day. Right now I have three handbags. This number is okay right? Two summer bags, and one winter bag. Throwing all caution to the wind, I am currently living in a summer bag. It's a very pretty bag, and it was made especially for me by the lovely Ira Grant, as part of the EST secret santa last year. I don't carry too much in it, my sunglasses and their case
a carry bag that folds down tiny so I can save plastic
Lip balm
my purse (which contains 22.57 Euros)
two used tram tickets
a tissue
my little camera
50 Euro cents, 5 Australian cents
my keys, some headache tablets, an old shopping list, and a postage receipt from January. Scandalous hey!'


Minna, shop owner and creator of Karuski, lives in Finland with her partner. You can find lovely pouches, textile jewelry and other pretty treats in her shop. You can read more about her and her creations on her blog.
Here is her story and contents of her bag:
'I design and make bags and purses myself. I often test the prototypes myself and sometimes like them so much that I continue using these pieces. That is what happened with this purse. I made it almost two years ago but I'm still using it. It's made of vintage linen with vegetal print. I think it's pretty much my own style as I love natural materials and prints are close to my heart as well.
Bag revealed the following:
green coin purse by 10gruppen (Swedish design collective)
box of chewing gum
keys on my birdie key chain
eco shopping tote for small groceries
agenda note book ipod shuffle (older model!)
Body Shop's lip balm nail file (but no handcream which I'd desperately need)
my lovely Leica C-Lux 2'


Ana aka Nanouke , from Portugal, is the kind of girl that always seem to have more work to do then she can handle, she has her Etsy shop where she sells her beautiful wire knitted jewelry, she works and she is a Geologist who is now back to school for her Masters on Engineering.
Her is her bag story:
'This is my bag, which I bought from kraplap when I started my Masters Degree last year. I love small purses, but going to school again demanded a messenger bag, and this one is just perfect. As you can see, I'm a clumsy person, so it takes forever to find something in my bag. This is what I usually carry in my messenger bag (from top left to bottom right):
1- My notes and papers and a small pencil case I bought from flapi a while ago (I used it for my Double Point Needles, but now I put actually pens inside)
2 - Car and house keys (that poor octopus needs a serious bath)
3 - My calculator, without it I'll be naked
4 - Coin purse and wallet
5 - A small bag with pliers, beads, needles, wire and others, so I can craft if I want (isn't it weird when someone says: "If only I had a plier.." and you take one out of your bag?)
6 - My "poison" and lighter, something I always have with me
7 - My Mp3 player, so I can sleep in the bus without listening to other people talking
8- My USB pen drive, with all my papers and work, which I sometimes loose :P
9 - Cellphone and chapstick, this last one comes from USA, it's Burt's Bees. A friend gave me one a couple of years ago, and now I can't live without it. It's amazing. They don't sell it in Portugal, so I have to ask people to buy it for me. '


Bianca of bndesign makes very cute jewelry which you can find in her Etsy shop. Beside her jewelry shop she works partime in a jewelry shop. And she blogs here. She has quite a collection of tissues in her bag, after asking it seems she hasn't got rid of a nasty bug for more then a year, so the tissues are highly needed!
This is her story:

'This is my bag. Well one of about 20, I love bags. But because I moved back to my parents there are only 2 unpacked, and this is the one I use daily. It is broken. The shoulderband has snapped off at both sides, the zipper is broken and the fake leather is cracking. I need a new bag and I am already on the hunt. The new one should be made of real leather and have a shoulderband (and handles to wear it as a handbag) difficult to find. I did find some lovely ones on Etsy though, so saving up for one. This is in my bag:
- black gloves
- my cute black grey striped (with little bow!) beanie
- my home and car keys (although I mostly go by bike and train)
- my little cute notebook to write in all my to do lists (the striped teal white one)
- my dairy (the flock flower one)
- pens to write in them
- handcreme for my dry hands
- chewing gum (have been in there for ages)
- my (broken) umbrella
- old receipts from shops
- my meds (asthma)
- dextrose, fruitsugars for a bit of energy
- sugarfree salt licorice
- LOTS OF paper towels ( I also use the package that I find first without looking for an opened one)
- vaseline (I use it for my lips)
- my wallet, a big blue fat one so all my cards fit in there! there isn't any money in it;)
- bandages for blisters
- the bill of the acupuncturist I just been to
- giftcards from the shop I work at. We'v gotten those for selling so well in december'


Karla aka Karlita always makes me green (of jealousy) because of the wonderful travels she makes around the world, which you can admire on her blog. She makes wonderful felt scarfs, textile and sterling jewelry and many more pretty things. She lives with her cats and husband in Belgium and has beside creating a part time job.
This is what she revealed:
So i’ll start with this quote from my mom ‘Karla, you can never resist a good bag, how many bags do you have allready, do you really need this one???’ (my answer always being ‘yes, mom, I do need it!’ – ha, so Star was right asking me to show you the bag I currently wear (next week it would probably be another bag :o). Anyway, this bag is made my Michael Verheyden who has his atelier very close to were I work. The bags are pretty expensive but I snatched this one up at a stocksale of his. It is quite small so i keep only the essentials in there:
- my wallet, which is made my Mandarina Duck (of which I have many bags in my possesion). It was made in coöperation with Yohji Yamamoto. I love the red circle on the black wallet.
- the pouch with the bird on it is one of my first etsy purchases, it's from MichyMoo, I just love it!!!
- my cellphone (I always look for a pretty but cheap one, since they usually don’t last long)
-a comb (I bought it in the oldest pharmacy of New York City, Bigelow
-a mirror by TheNebulousKingdom
-a little medical box that contains ... medicine (bought in Boston long time ago)
-another painkiller (a strong one, for when I have a major headache)
-a little fake leather pouch I made myself, for coins
- and a hankerchief, made by LindeHermans, she is in the superstories exhibition I blogged about recently here
- oh, and when i leave the house, I will of course also take my keys!'

Next peeks, next week!
Thank you Anna, Minna, Ana, Bianca and Karla for sharing your photographs and little bits of your lifes!


  1. Wow, this is so cute to know what are the insides of all these designers' bags. I was giggling when looking at Bianca's tissue papers... LOL! Oh my... I thought I was the only one with that much tissues. Great feature girls! Excellent!

  2. Ha! Now that was such a fun to read and look at! :)

  3. This is a cool feature! Very original! Well done! Hahahah.. me too used to have lots of tissues inside but now mainly receipts! LOL!

  4. Haha, what a fun post! It made for lots of giggles! Loed seeing the secret santa present Anna got from Ira & the tissue collection of Bianca is incredible! I thought that I was the queen of tissues! LOL :)

  5. What a great idea and post: truly girly! :-) I love to peek into other's bags - among others :-).

    BN seems very wise: I never find my tissue - but she solved this problem with 20 packages of tissues :-)

  6. o i absolutely love this ...
    we carry around the most bizarre collection of things in our hand bags

    brilliantly done Star and wonderful insights lovely girls !!!

    adore the million tissue packets BN ---- ehhehehheh

    and Karlita i want your bag ... and the stuff in it !!!!

    wanna trade???


  7. what a great idea ! It's so funny to read about this, and to see what people carry along. I am so happy to see my own bag so "heavily" used ! thanks Nanouke !! and thanks Star for this post !

  8. So fun to see this post! But I must say that they are very organized and dont have much in their bags...

  9. This was a fun project, thanks Estella for asking me to join! I must admit I had take a pile of tissues away from my picture, there were just too many of them laying in my bag (little cheating, I know).

    Happy weekend!

  10. haha! Bn is the funniest! So many paper handkerchief!!

  11. I love this post! So much fun peeking into peoples bags. They all look so clean and well organized. Arhh, I am such a slob!

  12. Oh, it is fun to be "bag voyeur" ;)

  13. Well now I know!!!! I have always wondered why women need and want a huge bag but they are carrying tissue paper on it!

    Have to keep that on my mind next time when I draw a bag pattern ;)
    *notes: 10 pockets to tissue papers*

    Great peek again star and girls :)

  14. Wonderful feature Star, looking in people's hanbags is like being a window peeker!

  15. Bianca, so many tissues!

    what a fun post I loved reading it!

  16. What can I say... ;) (some packages just have one towel left in them ;))
    Good thing: everybody always comes to me for a paper towel ;) :D

    ^_^ thank you Star and sweet to peek into everybody's bag!

  17. OMG Star, this so fun to read!
    and my bag is ridiculous rubish in it!:)

  18. this is really very cool to see! my goodness are the inside of those bags really that tidy?????

    I didn't think it was possible to carry so many tissues around . LOL!

    thanks to everyone for sharing .. truly fun to see and read.

  19. What a fun post!! Bianca, your tissue collection looks like mine *lol*

  20. This is such a fun post!!
    Thanks! That tissuepaper collection is too funny.. :-)

  21. Ha, thanks for featuring my bag here, Estella!!! I loved reading about the other bags (actually i own a beautiful IraGrant bag myself!) and Bianca's tissue papers make me giggle as well :)

    ps match, well i have to see your bag first :o)

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    And.. that's a lot of tissues :)