Friday 24 April 2009

Little Sister: Green

Wednesday was Earth Day and that made me think of an opportunity for a subject for a Little Sister post. We have been recently contacted by the Victoria and Albert Museum for using our pictures of our 'Give me my Medicine' necklace seen on our Flickr account, after a while we have been choosen from the hundreds of pictures of jewelry made with recycled material, to be one of the most creative contributions, as selected by artist jeweller Professor Dorothy Hogg. Hopefully these pieces will also be published in a book (keep your fingers crossed!).
Now I hope that you, who are reading this post are green and do your best to make our world a better place. So I would love to see what you do, not only on Earth Day but every day! Show me your bicycle that you rather use then your car, show me your way of packing your items with recycled material etc. Hope to get pictures of EVERYONE, as always :)

To get some inspiration, I've made a treasury with recycled items:

Swiedebie shows several examples of recycling, I love the clock she made with reused kids buttons and an old clock mechanism:

ZsBCreations made a gorgeous cuff all with upcycled-recycled materials, recycling can be chic as you can see:

Karuski makes her packages with a used bubble mailer which she has covered with a piece of vintage wall paper and left over paper tag. A great way to re-use the mailers in a pretty & personal way!:

Psarokokalo made a bag of old sheets, ripped them and then knitted to become this pretty bag:

Vaisto loves to recycle: 'rugs, scarves and house-shoes finger crocheted out of recycled clothes cut to strips, fluorescent poi of an old children's windbreaker jacket, a skirt of recycled and leftover bits and pieces, and finally my bike loaded with clothes going to recycle bin...sometimes I feel like we are the recycling center of our family & friends ;)':

I made these little baskets about 10 years ago, found the telephone wires on the street, leftovers of the repair guys of the telephone company. I still use them daily for my bits and blops next to my bed:

Heli shows to of her daily green activities: 'I always try to take a shopping bag with me when I go for groceries shopping. Turkey seems to love plastic bags and you notice that everywhere on the streets, parks, at the sea...

The other thing I do - my husband says that I must be the only one in Turkey- I always fold milk and juice cartons and flatten everything that is flattenable. Did you know that inside one juice or milk package you can insert even 25 empty packages, though it requires a little patience and a huge milk or juice lover :)'

Carmenesque found a great way to storage her beads:
'I love sushi and with my orders I usually get 1 or 2 little plastic bottles filled with soy sauce. I put the soy sauce in a larger bottle, place it in the fridge and I wash the plastic ones and after a day of drying I can use them as my storage of small beads. And they perfectly fit inside my little drawers :)'

JaneBoFelt says: 'I like sweet "zephir" in chocolate - marshmallows. I bought it in small boxes and these boxes suits well to store small buttons, clasps etc. And I reuse bubble wrap from packaging - I do resist for felting from it.

IngerMaaike has three boys, so you can imagine the amount of holes in pants, she made smileys of felt to repair them, instead of throwing them away.

PetitPlat: 1. Diverse stuff for the miniatures themselves. 2. Ferrero Rocher boxes to store all my minis. 3. I use advertising and punch little butterflies that I glue on my little packaging boxes. (yes I do buy boxes, making them is just too time consuming for me) 4. Bubble Plastic Paper that I receive when ordering mini dishes:

ArtMind seperates all the garbage, like glass, paper, plastic etc.:

Alatvian says: I do almost everything I can to help our planet stay green. But I am especially proud of my green garden with natural grass and narrow high beds and my compost heap, where I recycle all organic remains from our household and the garden itself.

LaTouchables makes nifty decorations for her home with found/ repurposed objects, a mirror frame with drifwood, a braided rug and an old IKEA clock with a new picture in it:

XbyLeinaNeima made organic hemp summer totes. They both are appliquéd with hand dyed second-hand laces - hand printed with dried herbs(+ one of them with second hand ribbons + sequins and beads). And the lining of them is made from second-hand material.

Lapomme makes all her packages of recycled items: 'The cloth sachets I make from fabric scraps I get from curtain and pillow manufacturers. The plastic sachets that I use for my paper products, I save from my shopping. I sew them up with my machine, just as I do with the cloth bags. The blue plastic bag I got from marché saint pierre in paris (a fabric shop), the green bag from des filles à la vanille, a clothing store in montpellier.


  1. I love, love this series...I will search for sometihing!

  2. i'm not green enough lol :D

    gorgeous treasury you made!! The treasures you've found for the green post are amazing!!

  3. This is a great theme! Will send you photos later, I do allot of things to live and think green!

  4. love this..... well done on the V and A that is so brilliant !!!

  5. Great idea! Will try and come up with a picture for tomorrow!

  6. I wrote about me being green in my blog! You can have the picture :)

  7. This is a wonderful post Star. I'm afraid I'm not as green as I should be, but am going to try much harder!

  8. This is a great series!

    I always carry a black and white polka dot fabric tote to put my groceries into. It folds up really small into a little pouch and fits into my regular handbag.

    Look forward to seeing more little green sisters!

  9. Great idea! I sent you a convo with photo. And I try not to use plastic bags, here there are too many plastic bags everywhere.

  10. Star, thank you for the wonderful inspiration! this is a delightful and green post!
    ~Emily xx

  11. Finally:

  12. A wonderful contribution!!!!

  13. Rita from alatvian27 April 2009 at 10:57

    Dear Estella,
    thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing. Would you place the picture with me in the garden in the series, where the EST members are portrayed? Thanks a lot.

  14. I like this, will try to post somethin too!

  15. Wow! Congratulations on the V&A. Fingers crossed for you! I love this post and challenge.

  16. Wonderful items, thank you for adding mine :)

  17. Many wonderful ideas! Thanks for sharing Star and all participants.

    I keep my beads in little boxes that were once creme boxes;
    and I have many used envelopes and would like to make my bubble mailer soon. At least I'll try :)