Tuesday 14 July 2009

Flickr Favorites and a Little Visitor

1. Lizard, 2. Salamander, 3. LIZARD OF OZ, 4. There's a lizard in my gizzard

This week's Flickr Favorites is inspired by a little visitor we had at our kitchen window a few days ago. Hop over to ArtMind's blog to admire more mosaics or join the fun!

One of the funny things of living here is that we are so much closer to nature then when we were living in Holland. The most exotic visitor we got there were mice, who were not so welcome. We had a little salamander visiting us, they come often but usually escape right away so it is not possible to photograph, this one was a bit in shock when I opened the kitchen window and froze so I could take a picture.

My hosting time of the challenge 'Dots' is over, you can find the new challenge on IraGrant's blog!


  1. The lizzard in my gizzard made me burst out in a laugh! What a fabulous image :0D

    The whole set is very beautiful and your lizard looks like a beautiful piece of embroidery, I love them!

  2. Very nice mosaic! I have a family of "Geko" on my balcony. They are so nice!!!

  3. Ahhh! We had so many little lizards in the house we once rented on Tenerife. Did not like them really ... :D

  4. Oh, I'm not sure if I like them or not. I mean the little ones are fine but bigger ones scare me! Funny creatures anyhow...

  5. great mosaic!
    well...you have a lot of reptile visitors! :-)

  6. A visiting lizard is a lot better than a mouse! he he
    I actaully had a little mouse in my last apartment. Before I sealed up the hole I gave her one more doggy biscuit for the road. She scooped it up and went her way.

    Great mosaic. I also LOL about the lizard in my gizzard!

  7. I love Gecko's! Their little feet are super cute and fast! :)