Friday 4 December 2009

New Life

You might be wondering wht this is all about? We have two big pine trees in our garden and along with those we always have some pinecones in the garden. We let a few hanging around as the dogs love to chew on them, which is good for them. Besides they also love the pine pits which have a very hard shell, they crack them open and eat the pits!

But the thing we actually wanted to show you were the little trees that came out of two of the pits, and one wasn't completly out of the nutshell yet, which is not something you see often.

It reminds me off those old illustrations you see in old biology books, I have a weakness for old biology books and have several of them.


  1. wow, What a nice pinecone! If you have a few left overs, just send them to me, please. I'll pay for shipping etc,

  2. That's so interesting! We can't see anything like that over here now, we just got snow on the ground:)

    I hope you wont get many of dandelions in your garden (the one in your last picture), we have them so many that it's hard to rid of them!

  3. very interesting, Star!

  4. utterly wonderful ...

    i wish i could find some baby pine trees i desperately need some trees here in the desert !!!

  5. That is so cool! I love pinenuts...hmmm, have a huge bag in the fridge...

  6. Amazing!
    Thank you so much for sharing!