Thursday 10 December 2009

Our Creative Space...

Mess, mess and more mess...

But all is well when it ends well, and this mess ended well, after quite some hours of re-organising...

Most fabrics are now ordered by color.

And some by kind as silk, linen, etc.
The boxes contain all kind of ribbon, trims and lace ordered by color, all in boxes to keep them clean and organised.

So what are your activities at rainy days?

You can see more workspaces at Kootoyoo's blog!
p.s. Kootoyoo is having a little break for the holidays, so Our creative space will be back at January the 28th!


  1. the mess are so organised now! :) i wish to have space for all my supplies.

  2. Getting really organized is a good thing to do... every now and then ;) Great job !

  3. woow - come over here as well!
    you do have a large stock! :-)

  4. Wow !! Look at all those fabrics ... beautiful

  5. Lucky you dogs and not can't start to imagine the chaos it is to try to sort out fabrics with kitties around... ;)

  6. Hehe Dina, our dogs are not allowed in our working space nor in our sewing room :)

  7. Incredible supplies you have, Estella! I would just LOVE to be able to go through your shelves!

  8. What a transformation! I'm keeping the door well and truly closed on my studio ;(

  9. o my stars .....gulp what an explosion to clean up .... did your mother do that ??????


    i would kill for some organised shelves like that ....can you come and order my office ???

  10. The work was worth it! Those shelves of fabric look so tempting. =)

  11. Of Estella, you two ladies are just soo organized!!
    It is pleasure to see your space!
    and a inspiration.

  12. Wow, you have so much fabric! Love the color coordinated final result. :)

  13. You should see my room! I think it needs some of your organizing skills :) I'll tidy it up after finals next thursday...

    I absolutely LOVE your Christmas Tree Inspired by the Sea! I blogged about a few of our ornaments today, there's a sea urchin one I think you will like :) It's super cute!

    Here's the link: