Thursday 17 December 2009

Secret Squirrel

A while back I was visiting ArtMind's blog (as usual) and became green of envy as she won a wonderful package. She won it because the bloghost kept an eye on the commenters of her blog and the most frequent comment leavers won something, of course this all goes secretly (Secret Squirrel) untill the bloghost anounce the lovely surprise. So Mitsy (ArtMind) won that and thought it was a very fun idea and decided to do the same for her blog readers, and guess what? I won yaaaayy! This is the blogpost which made me first green of envy and then pink of happiness :)

She has spoiled me rotten! I looove my babushka's, they are practical and gorgeous!

She also added belgium chocolate, needless to say they were finished in the next 24 hours after arrival.

And my sales fairy was also in the box! She arrived in a wonderful box. The box is made by Mitsy and she has made a tutorial about it here on her blog.

She is now happily busy spreading sales dust everywhere around us :)

The actual reason it took me 2 weeks to blog about this package is that Mitsy also gave me a task, a kitchen task :) She sent me materials to make the famous Dutch cookies, Spekulaas. It has been ages when I last ate them, but it took me a while to get myself in the kitchen to actually make them.

Oh boy, were they delicious, yes they 'were' as they are already finished (in 3 days) luckely I can't bake them on daily base or I would blame Mitsy for making me fat ;)
Thank you, thank you so much, Mitsy!! I will cherish them for many years (not like the cookies and chocolate).


  1. lucky girl:-)

    I liked every piece of Mitsy's:-)

  2. Wow--totally yummy platter--and those cookies are...yummy too!

  3. ohhh lovely bowls you got ! and what a great idea about the spekulaas. Did it taste like spekulaas ???

  4. Kraplap:
    Yes it did, but even better :)

  5. You are very lucky and Mitsy was very generous!!

  6. You lucky lucky girl :) The babushkas just look lovely.

  7. oh my, so many good things!! Congrats!!! :)

  8. It all looks so delicious.. and you are one lucky bird to win it all! Congrats, and you've done a good job on the cookies too! I can imagine they were gone fast!

    Lieve groet, Simone

  9. Lucky yous!:)
    Never tasted spekulaas, they look so delicious!

  10. WOW, that is so wonderful!!! I love those dishes, simply amazing, but what a good friend to send the ingredients as well!!

  11. oooh, you have indeed been spoiled!!!! beautiful gifts and I see you succeed making the speculaas, yay!

  12. Oh yay! Superhappy you made the speculaas and loved it! It's my mom's recipe and it is a bit different then the actual recipe which used cookie-spices but I love 'em! And I'm glad you did too! :)
    And I'm glad I send the bowls so that you can still use them for many more times after! :) Thanks so much for showing off all your pressies in such a beautiful post! :)