Monday 20 September 2010

Monday Moodboard- Searching for Good Karma

I know a fairygirl, her name is Frances. She lives with Snow white, Pinocchio, the Frog Prince, Thumbelina and many more...
She captures her friends with her camera and shares it with the world...
She has been having a dream for 10 years, and now it came to her. But as money is not the main importance in Fairyland she has a problem. She needs money to go from New Zealand to Italy where her dream will come true. Another problem is that time is limited and that in a few days the door to her dream will close and won't open again.
There for she is having a BOGO sale, when you purchase a photograph you will recieve one of the same value for free. Each sale will help her for her dream to come true, so I really hope that you are a Karma believer and help her. She has the cutest ACEO's you can imagine (I can tell for sure as I have a few).
Both her shops, MatchStickGirl and EnchantedPond are having this sale, make use of it, I'm sure you'll get some great Karma back from this sweet fairygirl!

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  1. I love Frances' work and I really, really hope that her dream will come true!

  2. oooooo Star

    thank you !!!

    so much !


  3. Great minds think alike!If good wishes were airline tickets she would be on the plane now!

  4. *wishing her dream will come true* :) Her work is amazing, I will spread the word on twitter.

  5. What a great idea to help a friend ! Good post and lovely work

  6. Succsess for matchstickgirl!
    and a great week for you!

  7. Hope her dream will come true asap, Star.