Thursday 17 March 2011

Our Creative Space...

This week we have been making patchwork  for bags. The only way I will make patchwork is with scraps, other wise all that cutting and sewing again goes against my practical nature.
I use the 'glue on' method. After cutting the scraps I 'glue' them on iron on interface. Just place the patches in neat rows, iron lightly on the good side, flip and iron thoroughly on the back.

Then fold along the rows of patches and stitch with a 10mm seam allowance. Do first the short rows and then the long rows. By that second make sure that you flip all the seams of the short rows in the same direction.

Iron well, and voila, a one of a kind fabric, that cost nothing but the time to make it and has the proper body for bags. Here I've used 10 cm squares, so that I ended up with 8 cm squares. You can do it a bit bigger, but not much, or you will loose the patchwork effect after you have cut the pieces for your bag. Smaller is ok, if your scraps are smaller and your patience larger, you can make it at small as stamps.

We yet have to make a bag out of the patchwork fabric, we will show you soon.

And remember the little peek of a bag I showed you last week?
We finished it off and it sold right away, we are happy :)
Similar bags are in the planning.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! This is a great way to make quilts easy and fast!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Love the new bag you just sold!

  3. Wow! Congrats for this just made and then sold bag :D

  4. That sounds so crazy it's amazing! Fast Fast Fast! Thank you for such a brilliant idea. And That Bag is so gorgeous it's no wonder it sold immediately!

  5. Thanks for sharing this technique. I had once made a patchwork quilt, all hand-sewn - it had taken me ages but was fun to compile & create out of rags.