Friday 29 April 2011

Life Loss

Today the weather was fine and we could start with the work. A part of the roof will make room for a bigger roof terrace. Unfortunately it is not going to be without lost of lifes.
Tucked deep under the roof tiles the workers found a nest with very young tiny birds. We moved the nest to an other area, but have not much hope that the mother with find the babies or accept them as her own if she does.

So sad...

We put them on a higher part out of the wind.

A couple of hours other nest. This time with beautiful speckled eggs as little as a finger nail.
More loss...

So much care went into the building of those nests...

And this is how the roof looks now.


  1. That's so sad!! Could someone adopt or care for the birds? I can't imagine the poor little things being abandoned! :(

  2. So sad ... But it's actually the normal way of nature: many of the chickens have a short life ...

  3. So sad - I hope mama bird will hear the little chicks chirping and find them even if you had to move their nest...

    What about your doggies - who is taking care of the pack while you are away?

  4. It has been 36 hours and the birdies are still alive so hopefully the mum have found and feeded them!

    The doggies are in good care, someone is staying at our place to take care of them :)

  5. Oh I was so sad reading this and seeing the poor baby birds... but then your update cheered me up! After 36 hours being alive means a really high chance mommy found them and is taking care of them, let's hope for the best!

  6. oooooo noooo

    pooor little ones....

  7. I hope you are right and that the mother bird found
    her babies. Please keep us posted. It would be great if they stay alive! Hope all is well with you!