Sunday 1 May 2011

Progress and the Journey Continues

So while the workers are working (with lots of pushes from our side as they were blaming the weather and other things to not work) mum continued to knit. Here is her progress...

And here is the progress of the terrace. It now has to dry for 3 days. While waiting for it to dry we went to Izmir today, to stock up supplies, as Izmir is closer from where we were then our own home.

Soon after arrival we went to find the flea market which is on every Sunday, but usually we do not go on Sunday to Izmir as then most of the shops are closed. So we didn't miss this oppurtunity. On our way we went through the 'bird market'. With mostly chickens, but also chicks, goose and pidgeons.

The flea market, although fun, didn't carry many treasures, mostly old clothes and plenty of rubbish. It was messy and it was raining but between the mudd and mess we did find some lovelyness.

Here a guy was repairing old footballs by stitching them up and filling them with air, I doubt that they can handle a good play but still a cute way of recycling we thought.

Home made honey.

Gorgeous metal baskets, we do not know what their actual purpose is.

After the flea market we went to the only supplier which is open on Sunday's, to safe some time for tomorrow as we will have to do all the rest of the shopping and the travelling back to our friends house tomorrow. We did some good shopping! Today is May the 1st, Worker's day, so there were some demonstrations and to avoid an uncontrolable crowd there were a huge amount of police men, dressed up for the worst senario's. Well people left and we walked by a line of cops, all sitting like little boys in a row, drinking their tea :) You can actually see the 'tea guy' handing them out the tea, as you can see the tray is closed all around accept for a little window so that the tea doesn't get cold till they arrive at their destination, which was in this case some mucho macho police men.

Tomorrow we will continue our shop-till-you-drop getaway before we go back to finish the roof terrace and can go home, soon. To be continued...


  1. I love Random markets! really don't know what treasures are hidden! Love those metal baskets. And LOVE those men in uniform! hehe.

  2. Never been to your part of the planet, so thanks for sharing. Here we have flat roofs as well.

  3. Enjoyed the pics! It all looks very exotic-oriental... Thanks for sharing!

  4. oh, how cool - I love local flea markets!

  5. This would be lovely for Jana. She's an expert on finding lovely treasures from markets! Thank you for sharing!