Thursday 11 August 2011

Our Creative Space...

As always we have many projects at hand, but we will show you the two latest ones.

Mum has been crochetting squares around vintage flowers. They will eventually become a bag, the backside will be with plain squares.

Each square is blocked to get the good shape, and after connecting them they are blocked again, this gives the bag a better shape. The bag will be nicely cream with a bit of pop of color.

In the mean time I wanted to used the small piece of scale fabric that was left of our mermaid bags project.

We first thought about a small cluth. But then I thought it would be fun to make a fish out of it, with the scales ready that should be fun.

After drawing the shape, cutting a tail from a silver piece of fake leather the fish was almost ready to swim.

It has a zipper on the top, and fish shaped chain as strap to wear it across your body, a real show stopper! It has a bubble patterned fabric as lining, definetly a one of a kind, soon in our bagshop!

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  1. I love the fish ! He/She has lovely lips :)

  2. Both projects look fantastic!!

  3. eheeeheeee fishy is so cute !!!!!!!!

  4. Great creations! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Lovely crochet project, and adorable fishy bag!

  6. That is a brilliant bag Satar!

  7. absolutely fabulous fish!!! ♥

    I just love that you work with your mum... so wonderful.. I wish mine was close enough we could do that!

  8. it's been so long I haven't been on your blog!
    I love that fish bag, it's so fun! :)