Saturday 6 August 2011

School is Cool

With all the Back to School and Geometry that is going on on Etsy, I finally made some jewelry with an old wooden ruler. I had it planned for atleast a year and am glad I finally did it.

Not all may agree with me when I say that school and above all geometry is cool, but there are plenty of us who do have a weak spot for shapes and numbers. Geometry lovers, geeks, teachers, students, architects, and many more will love these necklaces!

All will be one of a kind or in a very limited edition as they are all made with vintage materials.

You can find them in our shop.


  1. geometry is definitely cool !! Love the old ruler :)

  2. I also think geometry is very cool! Even though Summer holidays were my favorite time of the year back in school time ;)
    The vintage ruller looks great in your unique compositions!

  3. gorgeous results!! love especially the faceted beads <3 <3 <3

  4. What a cool jewelry! Great idea!