Thursday 8 December 2011

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I've been making some applique to adorn a bag. I will show you how I do it. I've seen this method in blogs but using freezer paper. Freezer paper is only available in the States, as far as I know, so I use iron-on interfacing, the thinnest, non woven kind, that is transparent enough to trace the pattern on.

Trace the pattern on the glue-y side and put it glue side up on the right side of the fabric.

Machine stitch all around the shape. I've reduced the pressure of the presser foot to very light. That allows me to turn the small piece of fabric very easily under the presser foot with my left hand. The feeding dogs are up. You have great control over the stitching this way.

Cut around the shape with a very small seam allowance.

Make a slit in the interfacing. Don't cut into your fabric!

And turn it inside out. If the shape is tiny, tweezers will help you here.

Iron on the back.The interfacing will adhere to your shape, making appliquing a breeze.

Do the same with all the pieces of your design.

For the skinny stams I used a very old method, from the time before Clover had those smart pants bias makers.
Insert a big needle on your iron board cover or  a piece of batting. Insert in and out twice, with the middle part of the needle that is out of the fabric beeing the desired bias tape width.

Pull with tweezers a strip of fabric through your 'bias maker', ironing as you go. Spray starch will help you.
Have fun!

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  1. fascinated to look at this detailed process!
    great work!

  2. Wow! It must still take a lot of patience and craftmanship I think :)

  3. You are the best! Thank you for the tips!

  4. Wonderful tips, thanks for sharing!