Saturday 7 January 2012

Some Mess and Fur

We have been a bit busy lately, between a renovation in the house and Christmas we both have neglected our blog and cleaning up our mess in our work space.

The more space you have the more mess you can make :) I think we are having our personal record at the moment, hopefully it will be a bit better in a few days.

And a fun picture from behind the scene. We always take our pictures outside, with some admiring eyes on us all the time :)


  1. Ahaaa... love the dogs! :D
    A messy workplace is just a sign that you are busy working. Nothing bad :)

  2. I so love your workplace! and those cute dogs huhu, I'd be all nervous of course, but they do look cute :D

  3. Great pictures with your lovely dogs!!!)

  4. What a wonderful workspace - you have SO much room I'm really envious! It all looks very tidy to me, but them my workspace is always messy!!!

  5. I will be honest, your workspace is so beautiful that even with a little "mess" is still looks wonderful and so inviting!

    Love the photo of you modeling your unique bag!

  6. So beautiful place and lovely working area and great creativeness! I love the dogs in the last picture too. They are so cute!!!