Saturday 7 April 2012

All kinds of critters

Our vet is a good soul and feeds the stray cats by his front door.
Of course, cats being cats, have taken over his clinic. You can find them under his desk, on his desk, on the shelves, on the computer, and so on.

They look extremely satisfied.

Less satisfied is our Mimi, being 'peeled' by the vet. Bye winter coat!


  1. Hello Mimi! You will be happier when it gets hot! :)

    How sweet from your vet to help the kitties!!!! I have a Mimi here too, she's a cat lady though :) I took her to the vet yesterday, I try to help her when I'm here in Rhodes. She's such a sweet cat!

    *waving from Rhodes!!!!!*
    Will be here longer in the summer, it would be great to meet you ladies! :)

  2. lol, I was wondering why it looked as if he was shedding! That's a vet I'd trust. :)

  3. Cats everywhere + peeled by a vet.
    Poor Mimi, it was hell =)

    Just give her a lot of love and food. My cats were in the same mood every time we brought them to the vet.