Saturday 14 April 2012

Saturday Super Woman

There are some amazing women on this planet. You know the kind that seem to be able to do anything and everything? I've decided to feature those kind of women and wanted to start with Lisa from Lil Fish Studios.

When you go to her blog you'll find out what I mean, she lives in the middle of nature and takes all advantages that comes with it, felted embroidered pebbles, felted miniature acorns, wooden furniture for her kids, kids clothing, even painted shoes, wooden toys and so much more. Everything she does she does with natural materials she collects and she has an amazing artistic eye, a true pleasure to go through her blog, her shop is always sold out and you have to be really fast to catch something.

She also does wonderful art projects with her children.

Lisa says: 'Living the rural life in the woods of Minnesota, I find myself creating art that reflects the variety of textures and colors around me. The tiny worlds of fungi, moss, and lichens are particularly intriguing to me. I use primarily recycled and natural materials in my work, especially wool and wood.'
Which sums up perfectly what you'll discover at her blog.

We are the lucky owners of these two pebbles and an acorn adornment :)

All images are from Lil Fish Studios.

Stay tuned for more Super Women!


  1. Those little mushrooms are adorable! And such cool creations!

  2. Thank you so much for such a lovely feature, I'm so flattered!

    I'm going to tell my kids that I am Saturday Super Woman and see if they'll pamper me today. Think it will work? Maybe I need a cape...

  3. Great blog post and stunning creations!!!

  4. i am a huge fan of Lisa and her work - very nice feature on her. she is indeed a super woman.

  5. Great works from Lisa, and such a great post about her!

  6. Lovely feature and a very inspiring artist you picked. Wonderful creations, and sweet!