Thursday 28 June 2012

Update on doggie

We went to visit doggie at the vet. He was just back from the operation, that took four hours. They have put a plate and four screws in his leg, it was worse than they first thought.
He will stay five days in a cage at the vet's to keep him as inmobile as possible.
After that we don't know yet what will happen, but the vet says than in eight weeks he will be o.k.

He seems to smile, doesn't he?

We have received already a lot of help, and that is such a relief!
As most of you know, we already have twelve dogs, several of them have ailments due to age, so while we coudn't abandon this one, we were very worried about the money.

We want to thank by name Anda, Brigitte, Ella, Dori, Renate, Diana, Olena, Miss X, Julija, Nathalie, I┼čil, Roxanne, Raffaella, Stephanie, Erna, Anna, Katerina, Bernardett, Kim and Karen.

You rock! We know that you don't have big wallets, but very big hearts!

Thank you for the money, the trust, and the encouragement, thank you!


  1. I wish these situations never existed! That dog is a treasure and I am really glad that he is now better! Thumbs up for you dear Estella!

  2. Oh such a a relief he had passed the worst now he just need to heal. Hope he will recover his walking ability.
    You rock!

  3. Yay! Hope he will recover soon. And find a good home!

  4. A long recovery but hopefully all will be ok in the end! I am sure that now he will find a home where he will be really loved! :)

  5. Thank you for the update!!! Im happy the worst is over!!! Love and healing vibes to him!!! Love you girls!!!

  6. So happy he is through his operation and that he will mend in time. I'm sure he will find a great new home, he is young and will love an owner that loves him back so much more now.

  7. GOD BLESS YOU, Esther, Estella and all the sweet angels that are helping you! I wish I could help too... but I'm helping kitties on the opposite shore... What can we do? It's impossible to look away!
    I really hope this sweet doggie will find a loving home after all he went through!!! I'm praying for that!
    Thank you from deep in my heart!!!!
    *waving from Rhodes with much love!!!*

  8. Girls you rock. I am glad he is getting better and wish him loving new family.

  9. ...not a painless journey but at least he will recover and find his happy dog-life he deserves... Thanks to you, stars...

  10. Healing vibes to doggie! He is very lucky to meet you!

  11. God bless you both! You are the best. So many lucky doggies out there because of you. If there is a place to donate please let me know. I will also check your previous posts in case there is some info. :)

  12. all my warmest healing thoughts and wishes to the little dog! he was really lucky to have found you on his way!