Wednesday 11 July 2012

Another update

Monday, we finally brought Urchin home. Here he is, getting what is obviously his first bath ever. It barely scratched the surface, he stills smells awful, the poor thing.

The wounds are much better, only the one at his ankle, where we could see the bone when we found him is still a bit open, so we used Betadine Scrub to wash him.

He can stand and walk a couple of steps, no more, both hind legs are very weak. he still has a very long way to go to recover.

He is totally in love with Estella.

Today he finally pooped, we were woried because he didn't before. Never knew that I would be so happy to see a dog's turd, we see enough on a daily basis. It is one more step in the way to recovery.

He lays very confortably in a room with airco, where the other doggies are not allowed and is cool and quiet. He says hello and thank you to you all.


  1. So great to see he's doing so well! Thank you so much, Estella and Esther!xxx

  2. Oh Estella! He is so cute! Made me smile seeing he is so much better and...less smelly :-)
    He deserves the best, doesn' t he?

  3. awww, look at you two! He's totally smitten with you, and do you wonder?
    I love the first pic with the other dog curiously (and suspiciously) smelling him through the fence :D. So funny! And how he is enduring the wash! :D

    In the last pic he totally looks like a ballerina! With "her" skirt on the wrong way :D

  4. YAYYYYY for Urchin!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Way to go, you sweet boy!!!!!!!
    Thank you for sharing the great news, Estella! :)
    Love from across the waters! :)

  5. Oh Estella, can you please keep him, he is loving you so much...

  6. He seems to be really lovely creature, so good to hear he is starting to feel better...