Saturday 7 July 2012

Best present

Today is my birthday, and I wanted to share you my best present. Seeing Urchin walk :)
I had seen him standing but not walking although he changed his place I hadn't seen him in action.

All our dogs have been saved from bad pasts, either from the street or bad previous owners. They all had physical and/or psychologic problems. Some were full of ticks and almost dying because of it, others had clearly been abandoned and had a hard time to let us go out of the door, afraid to be alone. But we never found one like Urchin, heavily injured and also clearly with a bad past as he had a rope very tight around his neck.

These past 10 days has been very rewarding, seeing him healing, slowly relaxing, not beeing afraid, and the fact that he will one way or another have a much better future. It is amazing to see his sweet eyes looking into mine, I think we have a weak spot for each other and he makes sure I know it by wagging his tail and licking my hands every time he sees me.

Beside the recovery of Urchin it has been wonderful to see all the friendships we have made the past 5 years online, thank you again for all your support once again, sorry for posting such a dramatic post it must be my zodiac :)


  1. Happy birthday!
    So glad to see Urchin getting better!

  2. What a great present! Happy Birthday, Estella. Wishing you (and also Urchin) all the best! xo

  3. Hello you sweet Cancer girl! :)
    This is the best birthday present ever, Estella!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing the happy news! I'm so happy to hear and SEE that Urchin is doing so much better and finally gaining trust in gentle-hearted humans! It's amazing what lots of TLC can do!!!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday, Estella!!!!!! (my dear BF had his yesterday! You are almost the same day!)
    Lots of love from Rhodes!

  4. Very Happy Birthday Estella and may all your wishes come true.
    Great to see Urchin getting better.