Monday 2 July 2012

Monday Moodboard

1. BarbaraSzepesiSzucs  2. meltemsem  3. AtelierGilet  4. YanArt

With all the events of the past few days I guess this moodboard is no suprise.
Urchin gets up only when needed but his wounds are looking good and hopefully he will heal good.
Of course our worries start now about finding him a good home, another dog for us will be really difficult for us so we really hope to find a good home for him.

Have a great week everyone!
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  1. lovely theme and set! so nice to hear that Urchin is doing well :)

  2. Beautiful moodboard, and very touching. Thank you for taking care of Urchin!

  3. Great theme, I was thinking about doggies for moodboard, but finally went with the hot weather :)

  4. wonderful moodboard! so glad to hear good news about Urchin, I do hope you find him a loving home he deserves it so much!

  5. Great to hear Urchin is healing well; lovely mood board too !

  6. So glad that Urchin is doing better! What an ordeal!

    You have very big hearts, hope you find a good home for him!

  7. Lovely pooches!
    Have a great week!

  8. Made me smile this sleepy morning, Sending healing vibes to Urchin ;=)