Friday 27 July 2012

Stork Rescue

This week we saw a nice kind of news in the papers.

The african storks come in the summer in great numbers to the Aegean Turkish coast to nest and breed.
Most of them choose residence in the high voltage masts, resulting in hundreds of dead storks, mostly when the babies start to fly.

To avoid this and also the power cuts that it causes, Aydem, the energy provider for the Aegean region has started to place platforms attached to the masts but about 2 meter higher. The hope is that it will save many storks. More than three hundred of these platforms are in the planning.

Every year, a stork couple gets three to five babies. Isn't it nice?


  1. Great initiative. I have not seen a stork for some time...

  2. These birds are lovely! I have seen similar scenes travelling in rural Greece. I am glad to hear that they are well protected at your place :)

  3. wow! this is great! here in Hungary did this too the energy provider :)