Wednesday 29 August 2012

Beach finds

The other day we went to the beach. In summer time we hardly find sea urchins but our main mission was driftwood so I can make new boats and other home decor :)

We had some good finds, also some pieces of fishing nets and the most curious were bones.

We have no idea what this animal was, it is a partial skull and is missing its jaws therefor hard to identify plus the fact that we are no expert in the subject.

It reminds us of a big bird, but most likely is something enterily different because it must be a huge bird if that is the case. We checked online for the skulls of sheep, goats, seals and other animals that could be in the neighborhood but none are close to it, we found the dolphin skull the closest so we are guessing that but please correct us if you are an expert :)

The bones are beautifully cleaned and dried by the sea and the sun.

I also found very close by the skull vertibraes (I think) but they might be of an other animal, we have no idea.

We do know that they super cool :)


  1. Whoa what a cool find! I have no idea either but dolphin seems like a good guess. Hope to see the new beauties that you create with it soon!
    I think it is wonderful to use gifts of the mother nature and make them fashionable things from them!

  2. Waw, those finds are really interesting. No idea what it might be either, but the dolphin sounds logic....

  3. I don't know very well if you find them on the Black Sea shore or on the Mediteranean shore because in the Black Sea the legend says :))) that we have dolphins and small shark. The head is bumped like a dolphin head, so i also think it's a good guess but after seeing this pics : I'm not so sure anymore...?
    What about a seal?
    I found out that there where also seals in the black sea?
    I keep searching :)

  4. Anda there are dolphins at the mediterranean sea, I have seen them and there are also sharks :) We are pretty sure about the dolphins, as the vertebraes also match with the ones of the dolphins. It is just hard to identify because of the missing jaws and teeth.

  5. Oh my God, Estella these are SO AWESOME. I am kinda wanting to enquire about a necklace or something from the vertebrae but are too afraid to ask just yet as I am skinters ;) SO JEALOUS I WANT TO LIVE YOUR LIFE!!! Not really... but I am very very jaelous about the whole finding things left by the sea. Quite a lot.

  6. oh no, they have very busy life!
    and tidy sawing room LOL