Thursday 2 August 2012

Our Creative Space...

The last time I am being driven to make goofy bags, like the tea pot bag and now, a beehive.
First some experimenting with size and type of construction.

Then, cutting hexagons with the accuquilt from hand dyed cotton.

Each hexagon is backed with interfacing all around, wrong sides together.

Cut open the interfacing, turn and iron on. This gives a wonderfully stable fabric to work with, no stretch anymore in any direction.
The hexagons can be sewn together now side by side with a zig zag stitch.

This is a wonderful embroidery sample with hand stitched bees. With the bag pinned together, I decided where the bees would be placed.

Here you can see the whole bag laid out with the bees pinned in place. In the background, the lining fabric, honey colored gingham with more bees!

The bees get appliqued with the darning foot.

And the excess fabric cut around them. Then the hexagons are all sewn together to form the beehive.

 End results can be seen here in our bagshop.

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  1. Amazing beauty of the creative process! The bag is so wonderful!

  2. I love the rope straps, they add a very relaxed and summery look.

  3. wow Estella! so creative and what a huge amount of work!!!!!!