Thursday 13 September 2012

Our Creative Space...

I am not wanting for bags, as you can imagine, but for years now I have only used one of them. The poor thing was too shaby for words, so I set to recreate the same kind of bag that had served me so well.

I choose a dark red and gray velveteen and went to town with the frills.

The rose adorment is very simply made by taking apart a mass produced fake rose and using the petals as pattern to cut even so many petals out of lace or organza. Then putting it together alternating the old and new petals with a pretty button as center.

The end result is rather dazzling. So much so that you will see it soon in the shop for the gothic ladies among us. For myself I cut a simple, unadorned new one. Pheew, this is much more me :)

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