Wednesday 5 December 2012

A little Magic

From time to time we come across a magical place. Not incredibly beautiful, really magical.
Somehow magic often is a little creepy too, it keeps you on edge as anything can happen.

Today we came across such a place again, in the mountains in a little village this creature caught our attention. Behind it was another creature, mysterious and curious things.

Nature is slowly creeping in to the creature and makes it look even more wonderful.

These were in a garden of a house, and even the house looked like a witch could pop out any minute, see those gourds hanging from the ceiling? I wonder what kind of potion that will make.

If you still don't believe in magic, see this older post of ours and you might change your mind.

And while magic is still in the air, some Mystical Healing Stone Bottle necklaces appeared in our shop :)


  1. Creepy creatures indeed! They seem alive...

  2. Wow! *she says shuddering*

  3. That's like an open-air art exhibition! And magical indeed! Lovely "witch house", by the way!
    I'm off to read that other post! :)

  4. Wow, this is so cool! I wonder who lives there, must be a creature of mystery!
    Maybe if you were to visit that place again, you would only find an empty spot... :)

  5. that is such a weird place. at first I wasn't sure whether it was for real :)

  6. A fantastical iguana monster. Wonderful !