Thursday 13 December 2012

Our Creative Space...

I've mentioned before that each beach we go has its own kind of treasures. Last week we went to a beach we only go to in winter time. In the summer there are lots of boats for daily tours but also the beach is full of people so even if a treasure would end up there it would either be smashed or found by someone else.

But at the end of the summer when the storms begin, all the boats are pulled up ashore both to keep them safe for rough waves as to clean them up, repairing them and giving them a new coat of paint.

When we went last week we didn't find any shells or sea urchins, we were starting to loose all hope when we found a pile of beautiful boat wood. These were all pulled off from boats to be replaced with new wood, for us it was like we found a treasure. We picked out all the nice ones and filled the car with them.

They are all in hues of blue and teal, the best ones are those you see the many layers of paint of, such beautiful colors and textures, I might keep a nice piece as a picture background.

These pieces are so inspiring I started right away with making items of them, I'm in the making of a coat / jewelry rack, and already a towel rack is ready and available in our giftshop.

This clock was finished just this morning and will be available later today in the giftshop, I'm sure the beautiful pieces will be finished fast as they are so inspiring. I wish we would find these more often, but it was the first time we did but we'll keep an eye on that beach for sure :)

Oh and I almost forgot to show you the couch covers we showed in the previous creative space, they were ready in a day or two, we actually even made a spare set for washing, the picture is not great though, it has been rainy and dark lately.

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  1. WOW these beach treasures are indeed amazing!!! And the colors... they scream Aegean! And you are SO creative, girls! I love the way you turn found objects into art pieces, giving them a new life! Recycling-upcycling-repurposing at its best! :)

  2. The towel rack is just stunning ! I, too, enjoy using what Mother Nature gives us to create things. Well done :-)

  3. The towel rack is beautiful ! I, too, like using what Mother Nature gives us to create things. Well done !