Wednesday 30 January 2013

Raffle Day #12

Tomorrow will be the last day to buy tickets!
We are now at 820 tickets, the aim was 1000 so hopefully all you guys will share this raffle these last two days in hope that we will reach it!

Please see all the previous posts to see the amazing prizes that can be won and the reason for this raffle, buy a ticket to heaven and you might also win a prize :)

Here are the final 5 gorgeous prizes that can be won:

 Carved wooden leaf Barrette donated by theancientmuse

 Crochetted Collar donated by polixeni19

 Cat mask and tail set for Children donated by BHBKidstyle

 Vintage Penguin Salt and Pepper Shaker donated by SoYesterdaySoCool

Baltic Amber necklace donated by HeymesBalticAmber

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