Wednesday 23 January 2013

Raffle Day #5

More then 500 tickets sold!!

This is such great news. It is good for Sandra and good for us as well to see the kindness of people. There is so much evil in the world that we tend to forget the good.

Many people have bought items from Sandra's shop and she is working very hard. Also, for the first time since her nightmare began she wrote yesterday in her blog azuleterra, explaining a bit of what she has gone through.
How she held on the hope that her husband would make it. You know, he is young, he has a family to fight for, he will pull through. And when he died, five weeks ago, she just collapsed.

Life can be so hard, people. This is one of their last pictures as a family together, look at that gorgeous little boy.

As you can see in the previous posts we are having a raffle to collect money for the young widow and her little son, if you don't want to buy a ticket Sandra's Etsy shop is her only income and she can use all the sales she can get.

You can win additional tickets by sharing the raffle on your Facebook page, twitter or blog, spread the love!

Here are 5 more beautiful donated items which can be won by buying tickets, buy as many as your budget allows, all the money will be going to the mother and little boy to help them through the first though times and catch up with the hard times they have had.

 Hand knitted unisex scarf donated by foldi

 Bird Necklace donated by JujuTreasures

 Art print donated by LouiseArtStudio

 Quilted coasters donated by PatchworkMill

Unisex Computer Keychain donated by ReComputing


  1. I just heard about this today. It's a wonderful thing you're doing! I got my tickets now.

  2. Beautiful post!!! It's great to hear from Sandra again, that's she's back in her studio, making ceramics, and her yesterday's post made me cry too.

  3. Wonderful way to support a friend! I have purchased two raffle tickets and shared on Twitter and Facebook. Here are my links below:

    All the best!

  4. This is a wonderful way to support a friend! I have purchased two tickets and promoted on Twitter and Facebook. Here are the links:


  5. I don't understand: how do I buy tickets?