Thursday 24 January 2013

Raffle Day #6

We are appoaching the 600 tickets, please keep on sharing the raffle!

Sandra has, beside her son, a reason to get out of bed and go in to the studio and is looking more hopeful to the future thanks to everyone who has helped her either through the raffle or buying from her shop, for that we want to thank you all once again! Despite her grief she is working hard to get all her supporters their packages which brings her both money and work to keep her occupied.

You might think that we already have raised alot of money, but please remember that she had a low income with alot of extra expenses the past year, and that she hasn't have any help beside her Etsy shop, making ends meet isn't easy as it is these days, so each and every ticket is very much needed.

Please see all the previous posts to see what this raffle is about and look at all the gorgeous prizes that can be won by buying a ticket.
You can win extra tickets by sharing this raffle on facebook, twitter and your blog!
If you do not want to buy tickets she has a gorgeous ceramic shop where I'm sure you'll find something for your taste or a perfect gift for someone else.

Here are 5 more beautiful donated prizes that can be won!

 Screen printed Tshirt donated by nikacollection

 Sea urchin ornament donated by GiftsandStars

 Teething necklace donated by EjaEjovna

 Hand sculpted and painted owl brooch donated by SeleneMini

Set of 5 cards donated by ilovecreatingcards


  1. Thanks very much for all the effort!
    Tweeted:, will share on FB too!
    Will spam the hell out of my contacts for the next few days :-)

  2. I shared it again on my facebook. Thanks again, Estella, you're a star!

  3. Thank you, Estella!
    I really hope we'll get to 1000 tickets. Shared also
    Spam will be my middle name too :)

  4. had no idea!! :-(
    donated and shared

  5. Hi, I had a problem with my Paypal account so I used my sister's instead ( but all's fine now, I managed to send my contribution :-)

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