Saturday 26 January 2013

Raffle Day #8

We are almost at 700 tickets now, the target is a thousand tickets, so still 300 to go!

There have been some amazing promotions for Sandra on many sites, please also see this event site on Facebook for the raffle and invite your friends to it so that they can see it and hopefully will support it. Facebook has changed alot and sharing things is only seen by a few people but inviting them to the event will bring more people.

Each share brings something, and every ticket counts!

Please see the previous posts were this is all about, in short we are trying to collect money for Sandra who lost her husband just before Christmas. She has a little boy and now depends only on her income from her Etsy shop. She had a tough year with lots of extra expenses and less income so every dollar helps her and her son's future.

Thank you everyone who has been so generous with helping this cause, please keep on helping with spreading the word, it only takes a few minutes of your time, lets make this world a better place :)

To show our graditute for your sharing you can earn extra tickets by sharing on any social media site possible, each share really helps!

Here are 5 more beautiful prizes that can be won, the more tickets you buy the more chance you win one of these and the more help will go to Sandra.

 Leather Journal donated by MedievalJourney

 Knitted cowl donated by theYarnKitchen

 Polymer art necklace donated by JagnaB

 Hand drawn card donated by PaperAndPaintRocks

Leather and beaded bracelet donated by BijuBrill

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  1. That Journal is amazing!
    Thank you again for doing this for Sandra Starsssss!!!!!