Thursday 28 February 2013

This and that

I told you about the next knitting project last week. It is a Ravelry pattern.
People that had made it told all how they did in just one day. Right, yeah it took me a week, much to Estella's fun. Let me say in my defence that I knitted with much thinner wool than indicated in the pattern, and I had to put number tags on every rectangle lest I got hopelessly confused.

The thing grew and grew, till I disappeared behind it.

Here it is sewn together, a very large thing indeed. My fear was that the wool that I had used wouldn't felt properly. It was hard to believe that those very elongated rectangles would become squares after felting.

But lo and behold, wondrous indeed, they did became squares! I just put it in my front loader washing machine at 60 degrees with the other laundry. I didn't dare to do it at 90 degrees, next time I will for I hope a thicker felt.

Not that this one is thin, it is very nice. I want also to try knitting wool together with a synthetic ribbon yarn and see what happen when felting. I hope that it will produce bobbles of ribbon enmeshed in the felt. We will see.

And this is the next experiment (for a bag). Thick wool knitted with 6 mm needles. I than traced a drawing on the knit stitching through  paper . After removing the paper I appliqued a fake leather cord with a zig- zag stitch.

I was afraid that the machine stitching would flatten and distort the knitting, but that didn't happen. In fact it makes the knit firmer. I did put the pressure of the presser foot at the lowest. It looks so neat that it does not seem hand made anymore. Duh!  Well, some veining with embroidery floss will help.

And here is Tommy, as happy as a clam, restored to full health and one of the tribe :)

He has that delightful gait that young dogs have, all loose limbed and floppy. Sweetie pie. They all are, really.


  1. Lovely bag! That pattern looks difficult but that makes the bag very special.

  2. vaoov harika olmuş.mutlaka denemeliyim:) güle güle kullanın.sevgiler.

  3. Tus dos proyectos son espectaculares.

    Saludos y buen día.

  4. I love that bag! It was worth the day knitting, Esther! I forgot about knitting felting. I used to make little pouches, Maybe I should get back to it.....