Monday 1 April 2013

Monday Moodboard

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Happy Easter everyone who celebrates! I love the atmosphere of Easter, especially when it feels like spring indoors and outside. Unfortunatly for many this easter felt like Christmas with all the snow but hopefully you still had a lovely family time with good food.

This week's moodboard is the 99th, and I think it is a great mark to stop with the monday moodboards and start something new. So next week the 100th will be both a milestone and a goodbye for the monday moodboards. After that I will be hosting My Friday Night Outfit each friday. I used to do them and it was super fun, you can see them here to get the idea. With those every Etsy seller can participate, not only team members of the EuropeanStreetTeam and I hope this will bring more friendship's worldwide. You will also be able to feature one of your own items in them.

You can easily make your moodboard with the mosaic maker.
Please be sure that all featured shops are from the EuropeanStreetTeam, after making your post just leave the link here by clicking on the 'add your link' button.


  1. This is so fun!!

    Happy Easter everyone :)

  2. Well, all good things come to an end I guess. I've enjoyed taking part in this game and can't wait to start the new one! Are we doing something special for the 100th MM? A recap of some sort maybe?

  3. Waw, such a milestone. It is late, but I still wish you happy Easter and delightful spring time (when it finally comes :)