Tuesday 21 May 2013


As you might know we live in Marmaris. A small and quiet town in winter time, and a highly popular place for local and foreign tourism in Summer. It used to be a small fisher's village, but with the tourism most of that is gone, we wrote about this before in this previous blogpost.
But in small little nooks and corners you can still find some people who are loyal to their history, and it is refreshing to see those.

It is funny though as when you look at these pictures you get a very nostalgic feeling but just 30 meters away on the left side is the very chic and expensive yacht marine with expensive boutiques and million dollar yachts. At the right side across the water is the bar street, where all the buildings are bars, not a typical fisher's town location.

As many of the local people all of a sudden got extremely rich with the sudden raise of the value of their properties it is really rare to see a local dedicated to his work of origin, but actually the true colors of Marmaris are much more valuable than the ones that are bringing money in.


  1. Thank you for showing the real Marmaris with its traditional colors! And you KNOW why this is so meaningful to me! ;D By the way, I so cherish and enjoy the gorgeous pink oya scarf I won through your wonderful giveaway!
    Off to check your previous post about Marmaris! :)
    Hugs to you, girls!!!