Friday 17 May 2013

My Friday Night Outfit

Earthbound Coral Necklace with Mother of Pearl, Enamel by StaroftheEast
Gray dress by IsabelCrow
Blue Leather Tote Bag, Shoulder Bag, Large Handbag, Leather Shopper by CitaDElle
Navy - Handmade Leather ballet flat shoes by TheDrifterLeather

I love this kind of blue, cobalt, navy, a bit darker and mysterious, combined with grey to avoid a blue overload :) As you might have noticed I don't add any heals in my outfits, I totally can not walk on them and always use flat shoes, so heels just wouldn't be 'me' :)

The rules are simple; make a fun outfit with items from Etsy (you can include one of your own items) with the mosaic maker or photoshop or Polyvore. Post it on your blog with the links to the featured shops, and add a link linking to this blogpost so that your readers can see the other outfits as well, this way we will all be connected :) You can then add your mosaic here below by clicking on the 'add a link' button so that everyone can see your outfit here as well, you can leave your link till Saturday evening.