Wednesday 24 July 2013

Our Creative Space...

A new project which is part of a larger new project.
These details are from one skirt, now in progress, entirely made with vintage materials as embroidery, quilts, patchworks, doilies and trims and then with lots of patience embellished.

Appliques and lovely details will make this skirt very unique.

Now as for the larger project: a new shop has been in the planning for many months, a clothing shop with all kind of embellished treasures made with vintage materials. We are now working on pieces to start the shop.

Another skirt is ready and is waiting to be photographed and to be soon introduced to the world along  with other pieces, so stay tuned :)


  1. Beautiful skirt!
    Congrats on your new project.
    (I saw your shelves with fabric so well aranged:))

  2. wow Estella! you just don't stop creating new things! love it!