Friday 2 August 2013

My Friday Night Outfit

volcanic lava colored ball necklace fashion women by MARIAELA
Vintage 80's Ochre Moss Green Crinkled Maxi Dress by fivestonesvintage
Leaf printed Linen Bag with Leather by StarBags
Vintage style orange handmade leather casual Italian leather flower women shoes by Phoenixinfire

Natural colors and a rustic touch this week. I love these earthy colors, the hues always match together like a color palette of nature :)

The rules are simple; make a fun outfit with items from Etsy (you can include one of your own items) with the mosaic maker or photoshop orPolyvore. Post it on your blog with the links to the featured shops, and add a link linking to this blogpost so that your readers can see the other outfits as well, this way we will all be connected :) You can then add your mosaic here below by clicking on the 'add a link' button so that everyone can see your outfit here as well, you can leave your link till Saturday evening.


  1. I love this outfit! and the shoes are amazing!

  2. Beautiful natural colors! They feel more like fall but we are all feeling the summer hot days, so it's a welcomed change!