Thursday 24 October 2013

Wish upon a Star

A few days ago I received these delightful ceramic starfishes from Sandra. You might remember her shop Azulado from last year when we arranged a raffle for her after loosing her husband and ended up in an impossible financial situation. The raffle was a great success and helped her tremendously, but these past 10 months haven't been easy for her, both mentally as financial.

A month ago she had to move her home and workplace as the situation with her in-laws had become impossible, so our team on Etsy have been buying her beauties from her shop to help her out. I just want you all to know that she can still use all the help she can get and now that Christmas is getting closer you might want to take a look in her shop to buy some gifts from her. I'm sure that both the reciever of those gifts as Sandra herself will be very happy with that.

You can find ceramic home decor, Christmas decorations, bowls, jewelry and more in her shop, I'm sure you'll be able to find something beautiful for someone special, in her shop Azulado.


  1. Hooo Estella, I'm speechless!
    You and the whole team has been a family to me, there is no way to describe the emotions and warm inside the heart, that I feel every time I think of you all.
    Thank you very much for the noble heart that all you have, for the support and psychological strength you have always given me.
    Thank you so much!